Stablemates Singles
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Stablemates Singles

Attention to detail is Breyer®'s hallmark, and Stablemates® are no exception to the rule. Highly coveted collectibles, these horses are great toys too!

These gorgeous new models from equine sculptor Jane Lunger have incredible sculptural detail and authentic breed traits for the most realistic look ever in these 1:32 scale model horses. Includes a two-sided trading card with each horse! Available in 12 styles: (From top row, left to right)

Arabian - liver chestnut; Tennessee Walker - dapple grey;

Appaloosa - black; Mustang - olive grullo;

American Spotted Draft - bay pinto; American Quarter Horse - red roan;

Sport Horse - bay blanket Appaloosa; Hanoverian - sorrel;

Dutch Warmblood - bay ; Highland Pony - blue roan;

Peruvian Paso - light grey; Friesian - black.

Product Code: TBS5907

R.R.P. $7.95 ea